What is Asbestos? Why is it dangerous?

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The majority of people who didn’t hear of asbestos 20 years ago had not even heard of it until mid-80s, when their dangerous properties were prominently publicized. You can get the best guide on http://www.asbestattest-aanvragen.net.

Asbestos comes naturally as a long-fiberous mineral. Asbestos’s toxicity is due to the health risks they pose when inhaled. Asbestos exposure can lead to serious conditions such as lung cancer and pneumoconiosis.

Asbestos is used for many different purposes throughout history. Asbestos has been called the miracle minerals by the Greeks due to its versatility as well as its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Asbestos is best known for being used in construction. But, Asbestos also had many other uses. Because of its heat resistance, it was ideal for wiring and cabling for ovens. Asbestos could also be used to weave fabrics for clothing and tablecloths. Asbestos had been widely used by the mid-20th century.

Unfortunately, Asbestos’s real dangers were not discovered until recently. This meant that a large proportion of buildings, especially those built in late 1800s and early 2000s, already had significant levels of Asbestos in their walls and roofs. It was a popular building material that was widely used before Asbestos’s toxicity was revealed. It was well-known for being fire retardant, having high electricity resistance, and being easy to use.

Asbestosis has been used extensively in the past by roofers, carpenters, roofers, and construction workers. Many are now suffering from lung disease. Because asbestos fibres become aeroborne, it can then be inhaled. Because of their large size, the fibres become stuck in the lungs and cannot be expelled.

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