Meals – Mix and Match

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How do you keep it all together when one child is involved in scouts? One has lessons or a play? You have a meeting and everyone has to eat fast. My answer to that question is MyPrep Delivery!

I almost always have make–aheadentrees ready to go in the freezer. Make-ahead dinners are quick and easy thanks to the ease of making them ahead. It’s as simple as making a few vegetables or a salad. The one-a-month-cooking technique allows you to prepare entrees for a whole month in one go. Even though it is hard work, you will end up feeling full and have your meals in the freezer. Cookbooks can be used to get you started. They will provide menus, recipes and grocery lists as well as plans for your day. Groceries have many options for you if you don’t own a frozen entree.

Another option is to Bake once – Eat twice. I can think of ham, beef or pork roast chicken, and turkey. You can also make meatballs. There are many possibilities for ham if you have it in your refrigerator. Bake once, eat twice: This is why I believe it’s important to vary each entree. For example, you could roast chicken first and then make a sandwich with roasted chicken; then bake ham or chef salad; then bake ham or potato soup; then turkey breast; then turkey tacos or Tetrizini.

You can make quick meals with the slow cook. Be sure to turn the cooker on before you go. All of us have been guilty of coming home to an uncooked meal from our cold slow cooker because we were too busy to turn it on. You can use most recipes as long the water content is reduced. I love the aroma and flavor of chicken cooked in a slow cooker. The process is simple: I put the whole bird in the pot and add 1/2 cup water. Additional flavor can be added by adding carrots, celery, onion, and garlic. Slow cookers make a wonderful roast when you add a packet or dry onion soup mix to the top. You can also use chicken or roasts for the bake one – eat two option.

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